Get Your First Mini-Os!

Thank you for your interest in Mini-O! You have been invited to be our first beta-testers of Mini-O. We value your feedback greatly. We only have a limited number of Mini-Os available now. If you could not get your pair, please check our Kickstarter campaign which is launching on October 10th!

Why Mini-O?

Mini-O is the only speaker that is truly travel-friendly. Size of a credit card, Mini-O can fill your room with an ample sound output of 6W (available up to 12W with dual speaker feature).

With the weight of 0.16 lb, Mini-O can travel with you anywhere in your pocket.

Enjoy your music friend Mini-O, a revolutionary speaker with the market's best volume-to-size ratio.


4.25 x 2.28 x 0.70 in / 0.16 lb

6 Watt Speaker Output (3Wx2)

Bluetooth 4.2

Wireless range: 30 ft / 10 m

4-6 hour playtime

Key Features:

Patented Speaker Technology

Best Weight-to-Output Product on Market (Highest Volume-to-Size Ratio)

Dual Speaker Connection (TWS Technology)

OTG Function Available

High Quality and Powerful Sound

About Flato

Flato Inc. is a consumer electronics company founded by a group of University of Notre Dame undergraduate students. As music and party lovers, these students were intrigued by Flat Magnetic Speaker technology which was gaining popularity in the Asian market. They thus founded Flato Inc. to bring this ground-breaking technology to the U.S. market.

Flato had a rough start. As a company without any industry experts, they faced many challenges. Everything was new and no one was experienced enough to handle the many hurdles and complications. Flato, however, has one thing that distinguishes it from the rest: drive. As energetic and passionate undergraduate students, the founders of Flato taught themselves everything off the internet, pulled all nighters, and reached out to other experts for help.

With the help of many others and youthful enthusiasm, Flato has come this far. Flato believes that Flat Magnetic Speaker Technology can alter the entire landscape of the audio industry and change the world for the better.


We are based in University of Notre Dame

18330 Dunn Rd, Building 2 Apt #2201, IN 46637 USA

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